‘Niamh uses her work to explore her inner fears with a playful curiosity. Still, she is constantly terrified.’

Niamh examines the complexities and contradictions of the human emotional spectrum through a mix of spoken word performance, object making, and self-portraiture painting.

People live lives full of boundaries, personal and social. Niamh’s objective is to bare herself and her vulnerabilities in her work so that people can find common ground with their own experiences.

By putting herself forward and revealing herself, she has found others keen to share similar stories of doubt, fear, and joy. It is this sharing of experience that deeply interests her.

Niamh is both object and subject in her work. She uses her body as a tool to evoke the emotions she is conveying with each project. She sets up photo shoots using simple props to aid her with her pose for the photographer to capture. She then uses these photos as reference for her life-size self-portraits which serve to document her history and progression.

Currently, Niamh is developing performances which combine her self-portraits with live object making and spoken word.